Our Approach

Individually, and within our organizations, our communities and across sectors, we are wrestling with complexity, rapid change and a sensing of the need for a new way forward.  There is a calling for new leadership approaches which embrace curiosity, foster collaboration and relationship and which seek and honour collective wisdom. And, there is a need for a new language which recognizes the intimate connection between individuals, communities and the planet. If you are feeling called to seek clarity and support we would like to partner with you!

Health and healthcare system leaders are increasingly aware of the intimate link between patient, community and planetary health. This shift in understanding provides an opportunity to increase community benefit, improve population health and leverage significant goodwill.  Through the application of systems thinking with a focus on community, green design, climate change and food systems, we offer decades of successful policy, communications, marketing and operational expertise and an approach that helps bridge and strengthen the shared interests of  healthcare and community stakeholders. More

Collaborative Leadership Training, Facilitation and Strategic Planning for the new paradigm utilize tools and mental models designed to stimulated curiosity and embrace the collective wisdom of groups. We partner with others to offer leadership retreats, strategic planning, and facilitation processes. Explore our upcoming collaborative leadership retreat in Duluth, MN. Reach out to learn more!