Select Publications and Presentations

Harvie J., Guarneri M. Healthy People Healthy Planet, White Paper prepared for the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, The Vatican 2017

CleanMed “Ted Talks”
CleanMed 2017

A Well-being Approach to Climate Change, Keynote
Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine, 2017

What is Health Creation?, Keynote
International Congress for Integrative Health & Medicine, 2016

Harvie J., Time to Return to the Whole, Stanford Social Innovation Review, July 2015

The Affordable Care Act and Health Creation, Keynote
Integrative Medicine for the Underserved, 2014

Harvie J. The Case for Commons Health Care. January 2012 Explore: The Journal of Science and Healing Vol. 8, Issue 1, Pages 59-64

Harvie J., Schettler T., Mikkelsen L., Flora C. Common Drivers Common Solutions: Chronic Disease, Climate Change, Nutrition and Agriculture. White paper for Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 2012

Dauner K. N., Lacaille, L.J., Schultz J.F., Harvie J., et al.  Implementing Healthy and Sustainable Food Practices in a Hospital Cafeteria: A Qualitative Look at Processes, Barriers, and Facilitators of Implementation,  Journal of Hunger & Environmental Nutrition, Volume 6, Issue 3, July 2011, pages 264-278

Raymond, B. Sustainable Food: A Conversation with Jamie Harvie, Kaiser Institute for Health Policy Brief, 2011

Harvie J, Sudak N. Integrative Strategies for Planetary Health. In Integrative Medicine, 4th Ed. David Rakel, Philadelphia: Elsevier Press, 2016

A New Healthcare Prevention Agenda. presented at The Food Systems and Public Health Conference, Airlie Center, Warrenton, VA, April, 2009.

Harvie J, Mikkelsen L, Shak L. A New Healthcare Prevention Agenda: Sustainable Food Procurement and Agricultural Policy, Journal of Hunger & Environmental Nutrition, Volume 4, Issue 3-4, November 2009, pages 409-429

Contributing author, Healthy Hospitals, Healthy Planet, Healthy People: Addressing Climate Change in Health Care Settings: A discussion draft paper published by the World Health Organization and Health Care Without Harm, 2009.

Harvie J. Menu of Change: Survey of Healthy Food in Health Care Pledge Hospitals Published by Health Care Without Harm, Virginia, 2008

Harvie J. Redefining Healthy Food: An Ecological Health Approach to Food Production, Distribution, and Procurement. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 2006